From Darkness to Light

From Darkness to Light

A Memoir on Finding Jesus and Moving from a Traumatic Life to a New Beginning with Christ

Hope Strong


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Author Hope Strong experienced a significant amount of abuse and trauma as a young child. But through therapy and with the help and intercession of God, she is finally living the life God has assigned for her, and she couldn’t be more joyful. From Darkness to Light shares Strong’s life story of overcoming trauma and the many trials of her young life through the almighty power of Jesus Christ. She describes the details of her childhood years and the abuse that she suffered at the hands of so many. Then she goes into her current life and the changes God has helped her make. He has saved her life time after time and healed her too many times to count. Now she writes with the hope of bringing everyone closer to God, whether they are coming back to him or are meeting him for the very first time. If you stay faithful, you can run the race that God has set out for you and break the chains of silence, pain, and trauma. This personal narrative and testimony presents the life story of a woman who endured tremendous abuse as a child but has gone on to recover thanks to God’s help.


Hope Strong:
Hope Strong, originally from California, has been a kindergarten and first grade teacher for ten years. After many years of therapy and personal reflection, she has gained the courage to tell her story. She currently lives in Dallas with her husband, Maurice, and her chocolate Labrador.