Leading a Competency-Based Elementary School

Leading a Competency-Based Elementary School

The Marzano Academies Model (Become a High-Performing Elementary School Through Competency-Based Education)

Robert J. Marzano, Brian J. Kosena


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Transition from a traditional school to a high reliability organization that ensures students master academic, cognitive, and metacognitive skills and knowledge. Rooted in decades of research, this valuable guide outlines how K-5 leaders can implement an effective competency-based education system. You'll employ 16 leading indicators to measure your school's high reliability status and discover a process to create and address lagging indicators based on collected data.

Use this book to implement competency-based education in elementary school:

  • Understand why competency-based education drives school effectiveness and school improvement.
  • Discover how to shift from traditional practices to competency-based learning and data-driven instruction.
  • Review 16 school-level indicators implemented by Marzano Academies schools.
  • Learn how to collectively monitor student learning and respond to lagging indicators.
  • Receive and adapt research-based strategies and tools to address your school's specific needs.

Chapter 1: Indicators That Address the Psychological, Social, and Emotional Context of the School
Chapter 2: Indicators That Address Competency-Based Instruction
Chapter 3: Indicators That Address Curriculum
Chapter 4: Indicators That Address Structural Changes in the Way Schools Run
Chapter 5: Leadership for Second-Order Change
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