Ayurveda Detox

Ayurveda Detox

How to cleanse, balance and revitalize your body

Anu Paavola


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Interest in Ayurveda has increased in recent years due to its connection to yoga and adherence to seasonality, cycles and plant nutrition.

Offers natural ways to heal ailments and improve digestion and metabolism.

Includes mental detox methods such as meditation, yoga and breathing practices and physical detox methods such as fasting.

Includes recipes and home remedies to enhance your detox plan.


Anu Paavola:
Anu PaavolaM/b> is a qualified Ayurveda practitioner and yoga instructor. After graduating with B.Sc (Hons) from Mayur Ayurvedic University of Europe in London, she worked in an Ayurvedic hospital in India. In 2011, she founded Jivita Ayurveda spa and clinic in North London in response to the demand for modernized education in Ayurveda. She offers courses for therapists and practitioners.