Significance of Signs

Significance of Signs

Matahari V.


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Significance of Signs is an experiential journey into love and fear – explored through the lens of signs. This book reflects on synchronicities, coincidences, and more; to help us understand the nature of things, relationships, events, and ourselves. Consider this a mini symbiosis of observing life with the lens of faith, hope, and courage.

The power lies in two major emotions of ‘love’ and ‘fear’. Their see-saw effect is reflected by signs. Words often fail to suffice, elucidate, or define, and are misinterpreted. Our ancestors knew that. Much before man verbalized and limited himself to the dictum, natives drew signs to encompass life in its totality and God in His entirety and majesty. It was Genesis! It was Shiva’s conch shell with its multiple vibrations. Hence, personal truths transcended to universal phenomena.

Significance of Signs sprinkles stardust on the vast and mysterious language of signs – indicative of life as we live it. Sensuously spiritual writing!


Matahari V.:

Mala Thapar is an Indo-Canadian poet, mystic, writer, educator, motivational speaker, teacher, and parent.