God's Complete Story

God's Complete Story

Ronald Robbins


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Ronald L. Robbins, author, is a dedicated Christian, writer, teacher, deacon, and choir singer. He was married for forty-five years until his wife passed away with cancer (nearly fourteen years ago). They had two children, a girl and a boy, together, and now he has four grandchildren. He is close to his daughter and son (their spouses) and four grandchildren. Ronald is a graduate from Indiana University with a BS degree in quantitative business analysis and is an Air Force veteran (four years active duty and two years in Reserves). His passion is to witness for Jesus Christ, teach two weekly classes of the Bible, and sing praises to the Lord with the church choir. It seems two other passions have been appearing recently: to go back to learning to play the piano that was started during his Air Force days while a choir director in a Klamath Falls, Oregon, church and to write a second book that he has already outlined with a Jesus-like animal to help all those near the animal. The work on this current book has been ongoing for over three years and was completed to bring out God’s story from its initiation until the Glorious Future, as told by this book, God’s Complete Story.