Whatcha Roarin' About

Whatcha Roarin' About

Russell Sneddon


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When you’re not quite ready for bed, sometimes you need a little adventure. Join Norah, Daddy, and their trusty dog Ollie on an adventure as they set out to explore some of Norah’s favorite animals in their natural habitats. This book will take you on an adventure from her small bedroom to dense jungles and wide-open Serengeti’s, as Norah and Daddy search to answer why animals roar.


Russell Sneddon:
Born in Santa Barbara, California, Russell grew up in a family of 9 and has a twin brother. Russell has always gravitated towards creative outlets, with his first early passion of playing guitar and drums and dreams of touring the world in a band. Alas, the real world caught up with him and after attending the University of Oregon where he studied Finance and Economics, he now resides in the Portland, OR area with his wife and two kids. When he is not making up stories for his children each night for bedtime, he spends his time running a local chocolate company.