A Seasoned Life

A Seasoned Life

Greeting and Honoring Each Season as It Comes

Christine Milner


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I have written on the importance of greeting and honoring each season in order to deepen one’s spirituality. It took me years of wanting to do this earnestly myself, to be able to understand what a diff erence it makes between existing and living a full life in tune with the God of all seasons. I try to reach out to all those who, like me, would love to have more time to appreciate the subtle changes each season brings and thereby “pay attention” to divine messages contained therein. What I discovered is what I want to share: It is a relatively simple transition to go from the blurry passage of time to slowing down just long enough to be a Noticer! I especially want to share this discovery with those of the younger generation of adults who it seems to me are so hungry for meaning and purpose. In the book, which I tentatively entitled, “A Seasoned Life,” I try to describe the gift of each season, what to notice, and how to greet it, honor it, “keep” it, and how learning to do that enriches our lives. Each chapter ends with a few poems and songs that celebrate it, decorating ideas that help greet that season, and recipes that have been longtime favorites I look forward to each time that season rolls around. Becoming a grandmother was an opportunity to pass on to my two grandsons and three granddaughters the many simple and delightful ways I slow down long enough to enjoy each approaching and lasting season. Th is book is an opportunity to expand the number of people I could gift with these practices beyond my children, grandchildren, and former students, retreat participants and spiritual directees. My hope is that younger readers of the book might discover the richness of what I propose long before the age I was when I finally understood its wisdom!


Christine Milner:
Christine Milner works and lives in Southbridge, MA. She has been working on writing this book at the urging of many who have participated in workshops and retreats she has given on the topic of Spirituality and the four seasons. She earned a BA in English form Annhurst College, Woodstock, CT, an MA in Religious Studies from Assumption College, Worcester, MA, and a Graduate Certificate in Spirituality from Hartford Seminary, Hartford, CT. She taught English, History, French and Religion for over 20 years in Grades 4 through 12, and courses at Anna Maria College, Paxton, MA, to graduate students in Religious Education. She also served as a Faith Formation Director in a parish for 12 years. In retirement, she remains engaged in retreat work and as a member of the USA Leadership Team of the lay associates of the Sisters of the Assumption, a congregation in which she served as a vowed religious for 7 years and a lay associate for 33 years. She most recently became a Spiritual Director deepening her background by participating in a Supervision group at Holy Cross College, Worcester, MA.