Climate Variability and Its Impacts in Tanzania

Climate Variability and Its Impacts in Tanzania

Climatology of Tanzania

Ladislaus Chang'a


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The book provide an overview of the dynamics of climate variability in Tanzania and it is organized into six chapters. Chapter one provides an overview of the general climate of Tanzania and the main climate drivers including ENSO, ITCZ, Subtropical Highs, and IOD. Chapters two covers the analysis of trend of extreme climate indices including the trend in the numbers of warm days and warm nights. Chapter three provide a brief description of the drought concepts and drought climatology in Tanzania. Chapter four describes a brief overview of the impacts of climate variability in Tanzania focusing on quantification and characterization of the socio-economic impacts of heavy rainfall, floods, and droughts. Chapter five provide an highlights of the options used by local communities in coping with climate variability. Chapter six provide a coincise summary of the climate variability issues discussed, and practical applications of some of the information presented.