The Handmade Skateboard

The Handmade Skateboard

Design & Build Your Own Custom Longboard, Cruiser, or Street Deck

Matt Berger


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  • With over 10K sold, the first edition of The Handmade Skateboard is the best-selling book on the topic of making a skateboard. 
  • Skateboarding continues to be the top extreme sport among teens and is now a $3 billion industry. 
  • Building a skateboard doesn’t require a lot of equipment, materials, or time.  
  • A skateboard presents the ideal woodworking project for stale shop classes in school, popular maker pop-ups, adult-ed programs, and for kids to work on with a parent or grandparent. 
  • Making a skateboard Introduces teenagers to the benefits of hands-on crafting as they build something they will love to use. 


  • Skaters, young and old, with an interest in making a personal statement with their board. 
  • Woodworkers seeking a new project to build for their children or grandchildren.
  • Makers, crafters, and anyone looking to make a custom gift.
  • Home schooling parents searching for that excellent craft/shop project for their kids.
  • Shop teachers looking for the ideal project to keep their students awake in class. 


Matt Berger:
Matt Berger is a digital producer, author, and woodworker in northern California, who has a passion for making things from scratch and teaching others how to do the same. Matt earned his stripes in the woodshop as an editor at Fine Woodworking magazine where he edited articles, and produced how-to videos for There, he honed his skills building high-quality furniture the authentic way with hand tools, sturdy joinery and quality hardwoods. These days, Matt practices woodworking on nights and weekends building skateboard decks out of his garage workshop, aka SK8Makers HQ, and through his series of DIY Skateboard Workshops.