AFA13 India Rising?

AFA13 India Rising?

Asia's Huge Question


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Could India, an emerging giant and growing geopolitical player, change the balance of power in the Indo-Pacific?

“As Australia’s relationship with China has soured, probably irretrievably, India has emerged as the great new hope.” MICHAEL WESLEY

The thirteenth issue of Australian Foreign Affairs examines the future of India, a rising giant whose unsteady growth and unpredictable political turns raise questions about its role and power in Asia.

India Rising? explores the challenge for Australia as it seeks to improve its faltering ties with the world’s largest democracy, a nation whose ascent – if achieved – could reshape the regional order.

  • Michael Wesley interrogates the future for India and Australia – the likely challenges, opportunities and threats facing the two nations.
  • Aarti Betigeri explores the fast-growing Indian Australian community and its potential to reshape Australia’s ties to India.
  • Snigdha Poonam examines rising anti-China sentiment in Narendra Modi’s India.
  • Harsh V. Pant reveals how India views Australia and how Canberra can supercharge relations.
  • James Curran uncovers the origins and ambitions of the Australia–Indonesia security deal under Paul Keating.
  • Elizabeth Buchanan looks at Australia’s options as China expands its Antarctic operations.
  • Jane Perlez analyses Australian dread about China and whether the fears are overinflated.
  • PLUS Correspondence on AFA12: Feeling the Heat from Paul Mitchell, Elizabeth Boulton, Nicky Ison and Daniel Wild.