Interior Consciousness

Interior Consciousness

Healing from the Inside Out

Brenda Murphy


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Against all odds, Brenda Murphy did the unexpected when she recovered from a devastating propane explosion. Through hard work, determination and practical strategies, Brenda reveals the power of healing from the inside out.


Brenda is a passionate individual who lives the values she cherishes everyday and when she speaks she engages people in a very personal and profound way. 

J. Scongack, VP. Bruce Power


Brenda Murphy:

Brenda Murphy is a yoga master and meditation and mindfulness instructor. She has been a passionate practitioner for over 40 years and credits this with literally saving her life from early-onset dementia, debilitating anxiety, depression, PTSD, and the effects of a traumatic brain injury. Brenda survived a propane explosion, when her new home blew up. Her story of dedication, resilience and faith shows us how we can better show up for ourselves; how to heal from the inside out. Brenda takes us along her journey of battling lifelong trauma, neglect and abuse, and provides for us all, the skills and information we need to better attend to our own lives in a compassionate way, and therefore be better citizens of the world. Brenda is a strong speaker and loves having the opportunity to teach and share her hard-won wisdom. She is an avid equestrian and nature lover who lives in Ontario with her husband and furry friends.