The Hungry Little Gator

The Hungry Little Gator

Alexis Braud


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A Louisiana 'gator chomps his way through gumbo, po' boys, beignets, sno-balls, and more in this culinary counting tour of Bayou flavors. As his appetite grows, so do his counting skills in this adventurous meal of multiple dishes for the very young.


Alexis Braud:

Once upon a time, on a slow-moving bayou far, far away from everything, there lived a girl who loved words and pictures. She grew up with books and drawing pads and drew pictures of the places she knew. One day she left that bayou to embark on great adventures and learn about the world. When she returned it was with a family, her own children, and a dream to tell the stories of her bayou. Alexis Braud is a Cajun native, rambler, and eccentric. With her books and art she celebrates the things that deeply matter to our lives here in Louisiana. A graduate of Nicholls State University, she lives with her books, drawings, dreams and family along Bayou Lafourche, the same bayou on which she grew up. Find Alexis online at Allison Dugas Behan wears many creative hats from art director to graphic designer, and painter to expert doodler. She loves getting her hands dirty with paint, chalk, and ink, as well as creating beautiful designs on the computer. Behan believes all good designs start with lots of hand sketches and that the elements of fine art and design should always be considered when creating something as small as a thank you card to something as large as a billboard. Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, she is constantly surrounded by creativity. The music, art, food, and culture have impacted her thirst to experience or create something meaningful each day.

Behan worked as a graphic designer for DC Comics and an art director for Macy's in New York City before returning to the Crescent City that she again calls home.