The Crocheting Witch

The Crocheting Witch

New Age Arts and Crafts

RJ Montgomery


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A Craft and Crochet Book for New Age Readers, Wiccans, and Neopagans to Assist with Spells and Spell-Work
Many students of New Age beliefs, from Wicca to Neopaganism, create items to assist with their work by managing energy and controlling spells. These homemade, hand-crafted materials have personal significance, beauty, and practical, useful effects.
A quick reference for people specifically looking to incorporate crochet into their craft, The Crocheting Witch is a guide to using different types of stitch pattern, materials, herbal and essential-oil infusions, beads, and charms to create a variety of crocheted crafts:

  • Wand cases
  • Tarot box
  • Candle cozy
  • Crystal-storage amulet
  • And many more!
The Crocheting Witch teaches readers—from fans of New Age practices, to Wiccans, to Neopagans—to create items themselves to control energies and channel them for personal use.


RJ Montgomery:
RJ Montgomery was born in Lansing on a sunny fall day, and received no extraordinary blessings or curses, from fairies or otherwise. She has been an avid crocheter since she was 9, and a Wiccan since she was a teenager. She has been writing professionally for seven years and is also an artist and illustrator. After some adventures on the East Coast, she now lives in Michigan with her husband and three cats. You can follow her on Instagram @childerowland89 and her blog at