Take Your Selfie Seriously

Take Your Selfie Seriously

The Advanced Selfie and Self-Portrait Handbook

Sorelle Amore


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Do you want to improve your social-media profile? Learn how to express yourself through beautiful, artistic self-portraits with Take Your Selfie Seriously: The Advanced Selfie and Self-Portrait Handbook.

Existing in today's world without photos of yourself is hardly possible, existing without great photos of yourself can be crippling. Take Your Selfie Seriously walks you through the fundamentals of taking the perfect selfie - the gear, pose, facial expression, outfit choice, story, composition, lighting and more. Posting your selfie is an opportunity for you to declare visually who you are and what you aspire to be. Take it seriously and you'll unleash a whole new world of opportunity and potential in the process.

From Sorelle Amore, the well-known photographer, filmmaker, influencer and savvy business person whose #Blessed Instagram and Advanced Selfie University programmes have inspired her millions followers across the globe to up their selfie game and improve their online presence!


Sorelle Amore:
Sorelle Amore is a well-known photographer, filmmaker, influencer and business person who since 2016 has inspired her millions of followers around the globe to ditch the idea of being a starving artist. Sorelle has been featured in numerous global media outlets including Forbes, Business Insider, Cosmopolitan, Buzzfeed, Daily Telegraph, News.com.au, and many more.