What's My Cat Thinking?

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What's My Cat Thinking?

Understand What Makes Your Cat Tick And Deepen The Bond Between You

Jo Lewis


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Unlock the secret code of cats for a deeper connection with the feline in your life.

Why does my cat always sleep on my keyboard? How can I stop them bullying the dog? Why will they only drink from the bathroom tap? Do they even like me?

If you've ever wondered, as they sit on your head at 4am, what's going on behind your cat's inscrutable gaze, this audiobook has the answers. Drawing on animal behaviour, psychology and the latest research, it reveals what's really behind the amusing, endearing, or downright weird things cats do.

Cats may not telegraph their emotions (unlike the dogs they look down on!) but they do show their feelings, often quite subtly. This audiobook helps you to interpret your cat's body language and behaviours, so you'll know when they're confident and contented, and when they're telling you that something's not right.

Advanced Catwatching features put the spotlight on key behaviours such as sofa-scratching, while Survival Guides offer top tips for managing challenges such as moving house, or introducing a new cat into the family.

What's My Cat Thinking? will deepen your understanding of your cat and strengthen the unique connection between you. So when they give you that 4am wake-up call, at least you'll know why.

Dr Jo Lewis is an award-winning Veterinary Surgeon and director of The Cat Vet. With a lifelong love of cats, Jo has more than 20 years experience and is an active member of the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM). She set up The Cat Vet to promote the health and wellbeing of cats by taking routine veterinary care to the place where cats feel most at ease - their own home.