A Big Fish Tale

Sally Breeze Green


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Stories of my youth taught me that God can speak to our hearts in dreams, just like He did in Scripture. I also learned that this usually happens at night when we are asleep! I love it when God awakens me and says, "Get up and write this down!" That happened in my earlier book, Lo & Behold: A Christmas Story.

Georgie is another story from my dream life. It is a mixture of childhood memories which take shape in the characters and events in the story-fishing with my father in the trout streams of Colorado; my husband's fishing adventures with his father as they just sat on the bank, waiting for a nibble; my brother's finding our black-and-white sheepdog at the Safeway store in Denver; a poem of a friend named "Mike."

These memories woven together with Bible verses and values I learned as a girl gave way to this story of God's grace in my life. I hope this little story will encourage those who read it to follow their dreams and know that God does answer and give them the desires of their hearts, especially when it is to help someone else!

I dedicate this book to our great-grandchildren, Addy and Connor!