If…The Story of Faith Walker

If…The Story of Faith Walker

Florenza Lee


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Imani is unlike other girls her age.Due to developing meningitis at birth, she received a life-saving surgery that resulted in her being a wheelchair user.

This, however, has not hindered her from being an active, outgoing, caring young lady. While in Children’s Church, Matthew 14 catches her attention; it is the account of Peter walking on water. Imani is unsure as to why the story continues to speak to her heart, “Lord, if it is you, tell me to come to you on the water.” No matter what Imani does, she simply cannot shake the feeling that there is a message calling out to her from these verses. She feels as though she is on a quest to find clues to a puzzle she didn't even know existed. Do the verses mean she will one day walk again, or something else? Imani isn’t entirely sure; all she knows is she is about to have a faith walk, unlike any other.

This book demonstrates that faith may be utilized in every area of our lifes.


Florenza Lee:
Author, Florenza Lee , has published eleven interactive engaging Children’s books on the subjects of Mindfulness, Social Emotional Learning, SOL, homelessness, military life style, anti-bullying and faith.

She is a Veteran’s advocate, Children’s Mindfulness Coach, Certified Life Coach, publisher, Master Storyteller, and online radio talk show host. Visit Florenza on the web at www.florenza.org, Facebook: Florenza_Denise_Lee, Instagram: Florenza_denise_lee, LinkedIn: @Florenza_Lee, and Twitter: @Florenza_lee.