Philosophy of Witchcraft

Philosophy of Witchcraft

Steven Leslie Golding


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Historians have studied witchcraft for years, and many in medieval times were fascinated by this misunderstood religion and belief system. For author Steven Leslie Golding, it’s one of the most positive, friendly, and nature-based religions that calls to him. In Philosophy of Witchcraft, he shares his story of his experiences, telling how he turned to Wicca more than six years in his early fifties. He discusses the history of witchcraft and offers a look at what ancient witches faced in medieval Britain. In addition, Golding shares an overview of the elements of the modern pagan witchcraft such as its festivals, weekend courses, rituals, the witch’s tools, telepathy and clairvoyance, the imagery of witchcraft, spells, astral travel, and more. Drawing on his life as a solitary witch, one not part of a coven, Golding gives keen insight into to the often-misunderstood world of witchcraft and the occult.