Veterinary Andrology And Artificial Insemination In Domestic Animals

Veterinary Andrology And Artificial Insemination In Domestic Animals

M. K. Tandle


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The book is devoted to introduction to andrology, puberty, sexual maturity, sexual behaviour and libido in domestic animals, forms of male infertility- abnormalities, malformations, diseases of male genitalia, their diagnosis and treatment, artificial insemination technology in cattle, semen collection, semen evaluation, semen and its composition, semen dilutors or extenders, packaging of semen, methodology of semen freezing, precautions on frozen semen storage, evaluation of frozen semen, artificial insemination technique using liquid and frozen semen, factors affecting conception rate in artificial insemination programme, factors affecting quality and quantity of semen, planning and organization of artificial insemination (AI) center, record keeping in andrology & artificial insemination, cleaning and sterilization of artificial insemination equipments, andrological investigations for breeding soundness of bulls, artificial insemination technology in buffaloes, horses, pigs, sheep, goats and castration in different domestic animals.