Paislee Anne

Paislee Anne

Dee Sewell


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It is time! With the liberal agenda moving U.S. tax dollars toward funding abortions globally, believers need quality books to help teach their children to stand firm on biblical principles. This children's book is just what today's parents need to encourage the next generation toward the pro-life stance that is foundational to our Christian faith. This book is strong in phonetics, categories, and fun. Moreover, this book disputes liberal lies about the unborn child and instills the theological truth that the unborn child has value from his/her conception. Thus, from the beginning of the book, with an actual sonogram picture of Paislee Anne, to the book's end, the child in the womb is declared to have personhood.


Dee Sewell:
Dee Sewell lives in New Mexico with her husband, Dag. They have four married daughters, and Paislee is their seventh grandchild. After homeschooling, Dee moved to the collegiate level and currently teaches in the Health and Physical Education and Religion departments. She enjoys discipling young women who attend the Christian Challenge where her husband is the director. She feels very strongly about Christian ethics and hopes this book will help everyone who reads it remember and celebrate that personhood begins at conception and every life is made in the image of God, of great worth and, when surrendered to God, has limitless potential.