The Pandemic

The Pandemic

Technology and the Devolution of Humanity

Kathryn Rose, Peter Trex


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Explore the questions our own human history evokes. Humanity doesn’t know enough about our own history and as a result we are set to fail as a species. We measure our ancestors by our curent understanding of technology. We can’t begin to fathom the feats they were able to accompolish, which far surpassed our own abilites. At first glance we can marvel at how far we’ve come as a species, but have we been paying attention? Have our efforts been in the best interest of all or might our hunger for more be our demise? Take a journey to investigate not only where we’ve been but will also let history serve as a warning to where we are going. Will we be able to survive ourselves and our own technological advancements? Can awareness save us or will it be too late?


Kathryn Rose: