Bruce Totman


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One day a hard working, average man of the twenty-first century, named David Stanley goes out for a couple of hours to hunt small game. A sudden flaw in the space time continuum strands him on a world thousands of light years from Earth with only the slimmest of chances to ever return to his beloved family. Being in his early fifties it is very strange how things develop. He begins changing within days of arriving. In a year he has many adventures, meeting strange and unusual beings, yet never giving up hope of returning to his family, he undergoes a full conversion to a much noted, very able Ranger. Changing his name he becomes Brustan Papa’at, Ranger and invited member of Special Service Force Team Omega.


Bruce Totman:
I am a retired Stationary Engineer from the Steam and Recovery Plant of a Pulp and Paper Mill. I live with my wife, Diane, in a small town in Northern Ontario, Canada. I am an avid supporter of blood and blood plasma donations through Canadian Blood Services and recently surpassed 100 donations. I enjoy long visits with our children and grandchildren, writing, online games, hunting, fishing, boating, carving.