Leaving My Footprints in the Outdoors

Leaving My Footprints in the Outdoors

Bud Holste


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Harold "Bud" L. Holste developed from a boy who loved to watch wildlife, fishing, and hunting, to a wildlife enforcement officer with a thirty-one-and-a-half-year career protecting the fish and wildlife resources of our country. Bud started hunting small game by trial and error and self-taught methods as a teenager in Illinois and continued hunting game birds, turkey, big game, and varmints after getting a driver's license and car as a young adult in Ohio. Bud also hunted big game in Alaska, Canada, Idaho, Michigan, Montana, Utah, Pennsylvania, Washington, and Wyoming. Bud pursued antelope, black and brown Bear, caribou, deer, Dall sheep, elk, and mountain goat with family, friends, and sometimes by himself, with a high success rate, for sixty-five years, in all kinds of weather, in different habitats in North America. Shooting critters and pests that ate and destroyed the farmers' and ranchers' crops and hay is an enjoyable pastime for Bud.

Bud left his footprints frozen in the ice on the Lake George glacier hunting mountain goat, in a mineral lick hunting Dall sheep, in the Cinder River sand hunting brown bear, and at the Nankoweap ruins in the Grand Canyon. Bud almost drowned as a teenager but chose a hobby that led to his rafting nineteen wild and scenic white water rivers for over two thousand miles, for the camping, fishing, and thrills and spills in Alaska, Canada, Colorado, Oregon, Idaho, Washington, and Chile, South America. Bud only had to swim three class V rapids and lived to tell about it.

Camping in the great outdoors in tent, truck, trailer, and cabin enabled Bud to endure all Mother Nature could dish out. Bud didn't always take the easiest, shortest, or most direct path to see what was over the next ridge, but left his footprints in some of those places, not to disfigure or destroy, only because he couldn't pick them up after exploring and marveling at the beauty of all the plants, flowers, trees, animals, birds, fish, and wild creatures living on this earth and in the sea. These stories and events told here are true, as Bud recorded his thoughts at the time so others could enjoy the tales of those experiences. Read them and maybe you, too, can imagine leaving your footprint in some of those very same places. Bud always tried to leave enough of a trail for others to follow.