Bluegrass Land and Life

Bluegrass Land and Life

Land Character, Plants, and Animals of the Inner Bluegrass Region of Kentucky: Past, Present, and Future

Mary E. Wharton, Roger W. Barbour


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The Inner Bluegrass Region of Kentucky is a shining jewel of geography—synonymous in the minds of many with the state of Kentucky. It is unique in many respects: the character of its land, its native vegetation, and its indigenous animal life. The way of life developed by its human inhabitants over the past two hundred years, especially its focus on the Thoroughbred horse, is also unique. The interaction of these two forces—natural and human—is the focus for this important work.

The book includes color plates of representative plant and animal species and typical habitats. The annotated lists of 474 animal and nearly 1,200 plant species describe habitat, frequency, and distribution.

Bluegrass Land and Life is a book that will delight all who share an interest in the Bluegrass region's past and present and a concern for its future.


Mary E. Wharton:
Mary E. Wharton was professor of biology at Georgetown College.|||Roger W. Barbour is a professors of zoology at the University of Kentucky.