Building Your Wealth Inside Corporate America

Building Your Wealth Inside Corporate America

Financial Strategies for Today’s Executive



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In between the barrage of emails, texts, business travel, conference calls, weekends, vacations, and kids’ soccer games, how do you find the time to build wealth and pay attention to your money? Based on our decades of experience in working with corporate executives, you probably aren’t giving your finances the care it needs and deserves. Be as intentional building your wealth as you are building your career.

Take this simple quiz:

- Am I taking full advantage of my company compensation plans to
  ensure I can retire, send my kids to college, buy that vacation home?
- Is my 401(k) plan invested the right way?
- How much of my overall investments should be in company stock?
- When is the best time to exercise my stock options or sell my restricted stock?
- Am I paying more in tax than I need to?
- What should I do if I lose my job?
- Should tragedy strike, will my family be secure without my income?

If you can’t answer these questions with confidence, you need to read this book. It’s an investment of time with rewards for your family’s financial future.