Book Marketing for Authors

Book Marketing for Authors

Get Ready, Get Set, Succeed!

Terri Ann Leidich, Julie Bromley


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The biggest challenge for authors is transitioning from being a writer to being an author, which are two totally different occupations. Many authors have the mindset that once they are published, their publisher handles all marketing and the sales come in like magic. In today's world, that is not reality, no matter how you are published.

Written by publisher and author, Terri Ann Leidich, and author marketing coach and support, Julie Bromley, this book simplifies marketing by taking the approach of Get Ready, Get Set, Succeed, putting marketing tasks into a logical order of what needs to be done and when so authors don't have to figure that out for themselves.


Terri Ann Leidich:
For ten years, Terri Ann Leidich has been at the helm of Boutique of Quality Books Publishing Company and has grown it from a startup with five books to a mid-sized indie publisher with two imprints (BQB Publishing and WriteLife Publishing), national recognition, and a full catalog of many award-winning titles. Each day, she deals with book marketing - both from a publisher's perspective and from the perspective of how crucial an author's participation in marketing is. Terri understands that while books need to be high quality before entering the marketplace, it is the marketing that will help both the book and author succeed.

Terri is also a writer (when she has time) and a published author. She lives in the state of Virginia with her husband Glenn.|||