Evelyn E. Smith Super Pack

Evelyn E. Smith Super Pack

Evelyn E. Smith


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Here in one massive volume is the most complete collection of Evelyn E. Smith’s work to date. It contains twenty seven stories and more than 500 pages of wonderfully written Golden Age fantasy and science fiction filled with hours and hours of reading enjoyment! If you enjoyed this book, you’ll want to search on “Positronic Super Pack” and check out all our other Super Packs! Tea Tray in the Sky Not Fit for Children Nightmare on the Nose Call Me Wizard The Laminated Woman Collector’s Item The Vilbar Party Helpfully Yours The Big Jump Man’s Best Friend The Princess and the Physicist The Doorway Jack of No Trades The Venus Trap Mr. Replogle’s Dream The Lady from Aldebaran The Ignoble Savages Once a Greech The Most Sentimental Man The Man Outside The Weegil The Blue Tower My Fair Planet Two Suns of Morcali The People Upstairs The Alternate Host Sentry of the Sky