Cybersecurity for the Modern Ninja

Ben McCarty


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Like Sun Tzu's Art of War for Modern Business, this book uses ancient ninja scrolls as the foundation for teaching readers about cyber-warfare, espionage and security.

Cyberjutsu is a practical cybersecurity field guide based on the techniques, tactics, and procedures of the ancient ninja. Cyber warfare specialist Ben McCarty’s analysis of declassified Japanese scrolls will show how you can apply ninja methods to combat today’s security challenges like information warfare, deceptive infiltration, espionage, and zero-day attacks.
Learn how to use key ninja techniques to find gaps in a target’s defense, strike where the enemy is negligent, master the art of invisibility, and more. McCarty outlines specific, in-depth security mitigations such as fending off social engineering attacks by being present with “the correct mind,” mapping your network like an adversary to prevent breaches, and leveraging ninja-like traps to protect your systems.
You’ll also learn how to:
   Use threat modeling to reveal network vulnerabilities
   Identify insider threats in your organization
   Deploy countermeasures like network sensors, time-based controls, air gaps, and authentication protocols
   Guard against malware command and-control servers
   Detect attackers, prevent supply-chain attacks, and counter zero-day exploits
Cyberjutsu is the playbook that every modern cybersecurity professional needs to channel their inner ninja. Turn to the old ways to combat the latest cyber threats and stay one step ahead of your adversaries.


Ben McCarty:
Ben McCarty is a cybersecurity specialist and former developer for the NSA, where he created cyberspace tools used by the intelligence community and DoD. He served in the US Army’s Network Warfare Battalion and became the first fully qualified cyber warfare specialist (35Q) in US Army history. He is currently a quantum security researcher in the Washington, DC, area.