The 200 Communication Commandments

The 200 Communication Commandments

Practical Tips for Personal and Professional Situations

Doug Campbell


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Doug Campbell was about to enter college and he had a serious problem—he was extremely introverted, socially awkward, and terrified of public speaking. Why was this an issue? Because he knew that he would probably need these skills to find any level of personal or professional success. So, he decided to get serious about improving.

The results of his journey are staggering. By the end of college, Doug was able to enter into a career that was mostly public speaking—high school teaching. He later became a regular networker and now has a reputation in his city for being a “never met a stranger” type. He has been completely transformed.

This book is a record of many of the secrets of public speaking and social success that Doug learned along the way—writing as if he could go back and coach the 18-year-old version of himself who struggled so much.

Whether you wish your communication skills were just a little better or if you need to make drastic improvements, this book is for you. Written to be practical and entertaining, The 200 Communication Commandments: Practical Tips for Personal and Professional Situations may be just the help you need to make life-changing changes just like Doug has done.


Doug Campbell:

Doug Campbell is a writer, speaker, and corporate trainer in Greenville, South Carolina. He is a former high school teacher and three-time author.