Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

An Executive Guide to Survive and Thrive in the New Economy

Lynda J. Roth


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Digital Technologies are impacting society in the 21st century the same way the industrial technologies impacted society in the 20th century. They are dramatically changing consumer behavior and expectations which is resulting in traditional industries being disrupted, traditional businesses being displaced and new industries being created. Executives of traditional companies must transform their business models to survive in the digital economy. In this book author Lynda J Roth

- describes how technology has been transforming society over the past 200 years and why the current digital technologies are so disruptive
- explains the digital technologies that are fueling the digital economy with stories of successful business applications
- describes the 7 key mistakes business executives are making in their digital transformation
- details the 5 key steps to a successful transformation from a traditional 20th century business to a thriving 21st century digital business.


Lynda J. Roth:

LYNDA J ROTH has been transforming businesses over the past 30 years to become more productive, profitable and relevant. In today’s rapidly changing digital world business transformation has become more critical. Lynda is passionate about guiding executives of traditional businesses through a transition to a business that will survive and thrive in the digital age.

Lynda grew up in an entrepreneurial family and worked in her father’s HVAC business as a teenager. She loved business and developed a keen eye for business operations. She studied information technology and business finance in college and started her career in technology upon her graduation. In her career she has managed multi-million dollar technology transformation projects, started and grew her own software firm and successfully transformed her client companies to compete in the digital world.

If you would like to learn more about Lynda you can visit her on her LinkedIn page or go to my website