Functional Training and Beyond

Functional Training and Beyond

Building the Ultimate Superfunctional Body and Mind (Building Muscle and Performance, Weight Training, Men's Health)

Adam Sinicki


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The Bioneer118K subscribers • Enjoy the unique benefits of new ways to train your body and your mind • Learn how to train for greater mobility, less pain, improved mood, and increased energy • Explore the fun of training with kettlebells, calisthenics, clubbells, street workouts, animal moves, handstands, rope climbs, isometrics, and more


Adam Sinicki:

Adam Sinicki is a health and fitness writer with an interest in human performance. Adam is best known for his YouTube channel “The Bioneer”, where he discusses functional training, brain training, productivity, flow states, and more.

Adam has been working as a writer for over ten years, specializing in health, fitness, technology, and self-development. During this time, he has researched countless topics relating to health and fitness. He also holds a personal training diploma, and BSc in psychology from Surrey University, alongside experience in several martial arts, rock climbing, and bodybuilding.

Adam’s other career highlights include creating the hit mobile app Multiscreen Multitasking, working as a technology journalist and presenter for Android Authority, an assistant editor at Writers’ News magazine, and penning two business and programming books published by Apress Media. He juggles these multiple commitments using the very same productivity tips that he shares on his channel!

When Adam isn’t training or writing, he enjoys synthwave musc, action movies, gaming, comics, eating sandwiches, and spending time with his wife and daughter in Oxfordshire, UK.