101 Law Forms for Personal Use

101 Law Forms for Personal Use

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Reliable legal forms for common personal and family transactions

At one time or another, we all need to get an agreement in writing. But where to start? 101 Law Forms for Personal Use makes it easy to create legal agreements and organize essential information. The plain-English instructions will help you:

Plan your estate: Make a simple will and use worksheets to track beneficiaries and assets.

Delegate authority: Create temporary guardianship of a child, pet care agreements, limited powers of attorney, and other essential documents.

Rent out a place to live: Use the rental application, move-in letter, checklist, notice of needed repairs, and other forms.

Buy a house: Run the numbers with a financial statement, and then use the house comparison worksheet, moving checklist, and other forms.

Borrow or lend money: Prepare a solid legal contract (promissory note). Included are five forms—one for every common borrowing/lending situation.

Sell personal property: All the agreements you need to sell a motor vehicle, boat, or other valuable property.

101 Law Forms for Personal Use can also help you:

  • settle legal disputes
  • handle personal finances
  • hire household help
  • deal with spammers and telemarketers
  • and much more
With Downloadable Forms: you can download and customize all of the agreements, checklists, and other forms in this book (details inside).


Nolo Editors:
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