The Comet

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The Comet

Peter Liam


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When I seen Donald Trump name Space Force, I probably experienced one of the best moments of my life. I was in Sarah Redfern Primary School at Minto when Space Shuttle Columbia exploded. During the lead up, I remember an excited teacher at school and we were doing a project that involved us watching the launch on TV early in the morning, then being confused, just like the rest of the kids and eventually our teacher said without saying much more than OK kids, the project is over, the explosion was real. It’s over.
I’ve seen highs and I’ve seen lows. This segment of my Breakfast Planet series isn’t about Space Force it’s more about a comet and all the things it sees. I hope you enjoy this chapter of my audiobook production project as much as I have enjoyed creating this dream I have. It may even spark your imagination about what the future holds for 2069.