Streetwise Safety for Children

Streetwise Safety for Children

Michael Depasquale


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Streetwise Safety for Children teaches parents and kids the most effective ways to prevent a threat to a child and what to do if a threat does occur.

Today, more than ever it is essential for people to become aware of self-defense and crime prevention techniques for themselves and their family. Learning just one of the simple instructions in this martial arts book could prevent you or your child from becoming the victim of a violent crime.

The first section offers guidance on basic crime prevention. There is specific advice on a variety of topics, from tips on securing your home to teaching your children how to identify a threatening situation, and even on how to deal with a playground bully.

The second section provides proven, easy-to-learn self-defense techniques that every child should know. A simple swing of a lunch box or a book bag when confronted by an abductor could prevent an unthinkable tragedy.